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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

As promised, here is your update on our cloth diapering experience after introducing solid foods into River’s diet. Beware, this post will include poop pics for your educational benefit, but I assume that if you’re reading a blog about cloth diapering you can handle it.

River is now 8.5 months old. We started introducing solids at about 6 months. First we started with purees, but then we learned about baby-led weaning and decided to take that route instead.

Previously, I answered a few of the common questions I get about cloth diapering.

Up until 6 months of age, River was exclusively breastfed, meaning we were able to throw his soiled diapers directly into the wash without rinsing first because breast milk is water soluble. A baby who is formula fed or is eating solid foods has poo that is not water soluble, so this is what you’re going to need:


We chose this one, and we love it. The hose connects to the tank of your toilet so you can spray diapers off into the toilet and then flush! Back in the day, they had to dunk the diapers BY HAND and swish them around. If your mom/aunt/grandma is advising you against using cloth, that is probably the reason. Ha!

But no worries! I never even touch the poo because we have this sprayer.


Full disclosure, we have actually managed to get by without one of these so far, but I can definitely see them making things more convenient, especially for the hubs. However, let’s be honest. As a stay at home mom, I am the one doing 95% of River’s diaper changes, so hubs doesn’t have to rinse the poopy ones very often.

The reason you may want a shield is because sometimes there can be splatter when rinsing the diapers, depending on how hard your water pressure is. We just fold the soiled diaper in half & inside out like pictured, and hold it in the toilet to spray. Then, if there is splatter we just wipe down the toilet afterwards. No big deal!

If we were to get one, this would be the one I would choose because of the clips, the way it sits on top of the toilet bowl, and how it has a dock for when you’re not using it.


We have been so pleased with our cloth diaper experience so far. I can’t even imagine how much money we have saved in the last 8 months and they’re so stinking cute!

I also think it’s worth mentioning that WE HAVE NEVER HAD A BLOW OUT IN CLOTH DIAPERS! Seriously, never. We’ve also never dealt with diaper rash. From watching other moms who struggle with these things, those are reason enough for us to continue using cloth.

We’re hooked!!

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