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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Summer is mine and my husband’s absolute favorite time of year. It is great for couples because there are so many things to do, especially if you love being outside.

For whatever reason, when Summer rolls around, the romance in our relationship gets a little kick in the rear. I love it!

We have a lifetime bucket list, most of which we will probably accomplish in the Summer time because Summer is just that good.

You and your significant other can go big or keep it small. I say it doesn’t really matter as long as you’re together! I’m here to give you some Summer couple activities for every budget.

Disclaimer: we are from Oklahoma, so be prepared for some good ole’ country folk fun in the mix!

Dates that are budget friendly are my most favorite dates of all. They are typically more intimate, more fun, and make me worry a whole lot less about how much our date is taking from our grocery allowance for the month, which is nice.

If you're Ballin’ on a Budget:

  1. Go camping

  2. Go hiking

  3. Go kayaking

  4. Go fishing

  5. Visit a water park

  6. Visit a theme park

  7. Go to the zoo

  8. Go to a baseball game

  9. Go mudding

  10. Go shooting

  11. Cookout

  12. Go garage sale-ing (that’s definitely not a real word LOL)

  13. Go on a picnic to watch the sunset

  14. Go watch a drive-in movie

  15. Visit an aquarium

  16. Ride horses

  17. Go for sno cones

  18. Take your dogs to the river for a swim (if you have dogs, obviously)

  19. Make sand plum jelly together

  20. Go to a rodeo

  21. Play sports

  22. Be a tourist in your home town

  23. Plant a garden

  24. Make ice cream

  25. Go stargazing

  26. Go to the horse races

  27. Start a DIY project together

  28. Paddle boats

So, maybe you have a little more cushion in your bank account. Treat yo self! Here are a few of our favorites.

If you're Livin’ the High Life:

  1. ROAD TRIP!! – road trips are my FAVORITE! I love that you can make a road trip fit any kind of budget.

  2. Fancy dinner – we love to go to OKC to eat a fancy dinner and walk around Bricktown afterwards.

  3. Visit the beach – This can be an inexpensive date idea if you live close to a beach, however, if you live in Oklahoma it becomes more of a vacation.

  4. Vacation – some of our favorite vacation spots are in Colorado, any type of beach, Table Rock Lake, and Mexico.

  5. Get Scuba certified and go for a dive – this one can get up there price wise, but it is sooooo much fun, especially in tropical locations.

  6. Go to a concert – Brad Paisley or Cody Johnson are our favorites.

  7. Set off fireworks – this can get expensive depending on how big you like your fireworks…. my husband likes them really big, really loud, and really explosive.

  8. Hire a photographer – taking couples photos can be really fun, and it’s always nice to have high quality pictures of the two of you.

  9. Get massages – I will never forget the first time I convinced my husband to get a professional massage. He was totally weirded out by them in the beginning, but now he talks about getting them all the time!

  10. Rent a cabin for a weekend – sometimes it’s nice to just get away, and have some alone time.

Now that you know a few of our favorite Summer date ideas, I’d love to hear some of yours! Subscribe to my blog and leave a comment below about what you and your significant other do in the Summer time. We might just give it a try!

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