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Updated: Jun 25

This week I posted on my social media platforms about our two foster daughters' case going before the judge to decide which direction their permanency needs to go.

I want to be very clear... no actual decision was made this week on whether we will be able to adopt the girls or if they will reunify with their birth mom.

About a month and a half ago, we received word from their case worker that she was recommending to the judge their case plan be changed to adoption. This week the judge ruled to continue with the DHS recommendations for their case, which officially changed their case plan to adoption.

However, their birth mom still has at least 6 months to keep trying to regain custody, and WE ARE ROOTING FOR HER.

As much as we love these girls, as much as we know it will hurt if they leave, as much as we want them to stay with us, we. are. not. their. parents. Not really. At least, not yet.

We became foster parents with the intention of bridging the gap for families who were struggling. We wanted to help them and love on them during an incredibly difficult time in their lives. That is still true.

We want our foster daughters to reunify with their birth mom, so long as it is safe. There is not a version of life with us that would be better for them than being in a safe home with their birth mom. We have to remind ourselves of this constantly.

Yes, we are open to adopting the girls, but ONLY after every other avenue for reunification is exhausted. If their story ends in adoption, we want to be able to look them in the eye one day and tell them we did everything we could to help their birth mom regain custody of them.

Safety and permanency. That's what we want, and in that order.

So many of you commented that you were praying for our girls on that day. Please continue to pray, but please don't pray against their case. Pray that, above all, God's will be done. Pray for comfort and understanding for the girls as they try to navigate something so hard and complex at such a young age. Pray for wisdom for the case workers, attorneys, and judge as they decide what is in the girls' best interest. Pray for their birth mom to be able to end the cycle. Pray for their sister who also needs to find permanency in a safe and loving home. And pray for us to keep our hearts and our intentions set on God's will for the girls' life, no matter what our feelings tell us.

This is the beautiful brokenness of foster care. It's messy, but it's worth it.

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